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If you are serious on improving your health, you are going to search for the best fish oil supplement brand, no less. You've probably been hearing so much about food supplements claiming to be the king of all supplements but which do not have approved therapeutic claims. What makes oil different? Well, fish oil supplements are backed by clinical studies proving that a link exists between fish oil and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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Now what are Omega-3 fatty acids? Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that are polyunsaturated in nature. These fatty acids are beneficial to one's health although the biggest irony is that they are not produced by the body. To enjoy the benefits of Omega 3 which include reduced cholesterol levels and improved brain function, you need to eat foods that contain these essentially fatty acids. Among those identified to have high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids are seafoods, nuts, and oily fish. Oily fish that feed on algae are said to be among the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Best Fish Oil Supplement Brand

You might say, then, that eating oily fish everyday is wise, but surprisingly it is not. Not many doctors would suggest eating fish on a daily basis. Why, because while oily fish do have the essential fatty acids that can manage or treat a range of diseases, they may also be contaminated. Think of dynamite fishing and environmental pollution. These events contaminate the waters where the fish swim with mercury, lead, and many others.

So how do you get your daily dose of Omega-3 fatty acids? The safest means is to take fish oil supplements from the best fish oil supplement brand. You don't want to compromise, so don't settle for anything less than the best. You can easily spot the best fish oil supplement by simply looking at the label. People tend to overlook this when they shop for fish oil supplements, whether it is online or off. They tend to think that all fish oil supplements are the same; all healthy and safe for human consumption.

But there are some brands that may in fact be toxic. You need to watch out in particular for brands that are not labeled molecularly distilled or pharmaceutical grade. These are not guaranteed to be safe at all because the source of the fish oil has not been filtered to remove the toxins and other contaminants. There are some experts who claim that this process of filtering out toxins and contaminants may actually reduce the value of the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, but that is not necessarily so when you are dealing with credible manufacturers that will not put their good name on the line.

It used to be that fish oil supplements came in just liquid form or in soft gel capsules. Nowadays, you would come across enteric-coated fish oil gel capsules. Are they better than the regular fish oil capsules? Maybe yes, maybe not; it depends on how your body's ability to metabolize fatty acids and on the type of coating used. The best fish oil supplement brand may offer enteric coated fish oil gel capsules but you can be sure that all ingredients used to make the coating are disclosed.

What Is The Best Fish Oil Supplement Brand?

As a consumer, it always pays to know what is the best fish oil supplement brand to buy to be able to get the maximum benefits this product has to offer.

In the case of fish liver oil, it is important to know which fish the oil came from, as well as the kind and amount of fish oil used in the product. Knowing about these background information will allow you to choose the best fish oil that you need that will work well in the improvement of your over all health.

There are people who do not want the intake of fish oil in the normal way, as they can sense the horrible taste and smell. They prefer taking them in capsules rather than from the spoon. Fish oil capsules work equally the same in providing the benefits; in fact, they provide better benefits than the one taken in the normal manner.

How to Choose the Best Fish Oil Brand?

First of all, you should have knowledge of what kind of fish was used in the manufacture of fish oils. This way, you will know if the product is made from the highest quality of fish oil. Pollution is rampant in our ocean waters, therefore certain processes like distillation and purification must be employed during the process to remove harmful substances that may be present in the fish. Contaminants such as harmful metals like arsenic ad lead; and toxic substances like mercury should be taken away from the fish sources before processing. When the toxins are removed, what is left is pure fish oil. This will then assure the consumers that the product is safe for consumption and they are getting fish oil of superior quality. The best fish oil is labeled as pharmaceutical grade, and buying one assures you of being high quality.

Best Fish Oil Brand

Not all types of fish contain the same amount of DHA and EPA, two important omega-3 fatty acids in fish oils. Therefore, make sure that the fish oil that you are buying contains high amounts of these fatty acids beneficial for your health; like the fish oil sourced out from the pristine waters of New Zealand. The fish oil capsules used as nutritional food supplements are made from top quality fish oil. This product has been recommended by medical experts for many years now and has been proven effective to attain excellent health results. This has been manufactured for health conscious people who want the highest quality of fish oil supplement in mind.

Here's the best fish oil supplement brand for you.

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Xtend-Life's Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil supplement is the purest, safest and the freshest fish oil available in the market today. Xtend-Life's Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil supplement has more than double the anti-inflammatory qualities of highly concentrated omega 3 fish oil and proven to be two and a half times more potent than 'normal' fish oils. It also has high levels of DHA, plus a 100% natural anti-inflammatory 'X-Factor'. Click here.

Xtend-Life's Omega-3 DHA Fish Oil Premium supplement helps reduce the effects of photo-aging & unlocks the potential to de-age your skin while improving your appearance from the inside out. You will look younger & more attractive. Xtend-Life's Omega-3 DHA Fish Oil Premium contains two potent natural ingredients that have been proven to help address the main causes of premature aging to the skin. These 2 ingredients are: Lyc-O-Mato (a complex lycopene extract from tomato oil) and natural astaxanthin from algae. Astaxanthin is the powerful antioxidant that is found in small quantities in krill oil. Xtend-Life's Omega-3 DHA Fish Oil Premium provides more of this substance in a daily dose than krill oil. Astaxanthin also provides skin enhancing benefits by helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increasing skin moisture content. Natural lycopene is now being widely recognized in medical circles as having a broad range of health and skin benefits. Xtend-Life's Omega-3 DHA Fish Oil Premium supplement may help: (1) Reverse skin damage caused by photo-aging; (2) Reduce skin redness in some cases by as much as 50%; (3) Significantly reduce DNA damage in some cases by as much as 42%; (4) Reduce free radical activity caused by UV radiation; and (5) Inhibit the over-production of melanin helping reduce sunspots and freckles. Click here.

Xtend Life's Omega 3 QH Ultra fish oil supplement helps protect your heart and increase your energy with Ubiquinol the active form of CoQ10. Also receive all the benefits of natural and concentrated omega 3 fish oils. Xtend Life's Omega 3 QH Ultra is the ultimate solution when it comes to replenishing depleted levels of CoQ10 as a result of aging or medication. It is the best fish oil formula which would naturally re-energise your cells giving you benefits that no other product could. Click here.

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